Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Lemon Daddy’

PP17,660.   A selected open-pollinated seedling of H. m. ‘Big Daddy’.

Bred by Ozzie W. Johnson Jr, Marietta, Georgia, USA, in 2001.

H. macro Lemon Daddy AA

Grow Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Lemon Daddy’ for its striking bright yellow foliage, not for its pinkish-white flowers!

Inflorescence: With its large pinkish-white mophead flowers, 180mm across, this hydrangea will brighten up any shady part of the garden.

Colour in neutral soil:     Pinkish-white
Colour in acidic soil with Al present:     Very pale blue

H. macro Lemon Daddy floret AA

Ray florets: 4 sepals, rounded, serrated,
slightly overlapping, 45mm diam.


Zones: 6 to 9
Size: Medium (to 1m).


H. macro Lemon Daddy leaf B

Leaves: Broadly ovate, serrated, bright yellow-green. Size: 140 x 100mm.