Hydrangea macrophylla Gertrud Glahn
Hydrangea macrophylla
‘Gertrud Glahn’
November 28, 2018
Hydrangea macrophylla Goliath
Hydrangea macrophylla
November 28, 2018

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Glowing Embers'


Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Glowing Embers’ is a robust and reliable shrub. Flower colour is reliably red, even in acidic soils.

Inflorescence: Mophead, 150mm across. Ray florets have pale blue eyes.

synonym; H. m. ‘Forever Pink’. Considered by many to be a synonym for H. m. ‘Alpenglühen’

Bred in USA or Canada before 1987. Introduced to Europe by D’n Oerts Nurseries, Netherlands.

Zones: 6 to 9

Size: Medium (to 1.25m).

Color in neutral soil:

Color in acidic soil with AI present:
Red (no change)

Ray florets: Four or five sepals, slightly serrated with pointed tip, overlapping, 50mm diam.

Leaves: Simple, opposite and deciduous. Broadly ovate to broadly elliptic. Margin: serrate. Apex: apiculate. Base: attenuate. Venation pattern: pinnate. Texture of adaxial and abaxial surfaces: smooth, glabrous, leathery. Mid-green. 110mm l x 70mm w.