Hydrangea macrophylla Hörnli
Hydrangea macrophylla
November 28, 2018
Hydrangea macrophylla Magical Ocean AB
Hydrangea macrophylla
August 26, 2019

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Hortmaja'


Hydrangea macrophylla MAGICAL™ JADE has strong stems, leathery dark green leaves and sturdy long-lasting flowers. Originally bred in the Netherlands for the cut flower trade.

Inflorescence: Mophead, 110mm across. The flowers open as lime green and age to deep green with red tips.

Bred by Peter R. Kolster and Cornelis P. Eveleens of Kolster Holding BV, Boskoop, The Netherlands. The "Magical™ Series" appears to be marketed in North America under the trademark "Everlasting™"

Trade designations: H. m. EVERLASTING™ JADE, MAGICAL™ JADE.

Zones: 5 to 9

Size: Small (to 1m).

Color in neutral soil:
Green and cream

Color in acidic soil with AI present:
Green and cream (no change)

Ray florets: 4 sepals, serrated, overlapping, 40mm diam.

Leaves: Simple, opposite and deciduous. Broadly ovate to broadly elliptic. Margin: serrate. Apex: apiculate. Base: attenuate. Venation pattern: pinnate. Texture of adaxial and abaxial surfaces: smooth, glabrous, moderately glossy. Mid-green with lighter green abaxial surface. 90mm l x 50mm w.